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Top Doc Cover Collage

All the Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and Seattle Magazine Top Doc issues where I was named a Top Doc.

Twenty two awards!






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Quite the pause. It’s now August 2018


Dear Readers,

I let the blog and the website sit idle too long! Finally I screwed up the determination to resurrect my website and post a few items on the blog, so here we go. Thank you all for your kind patronage and for being the best patients a guy could ask for.

Dr. Downey Picked as 2013 Top Doc in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Seattle Magazine!

For the twelfth time, Dr. Downey was selected by his physician peers as a Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery, which was published in the July issue of Seattle Magazine. The selection methodology is rigorous and cannot be influenced by the nominated physician. The basic question is: “Which doctor would you select to care for you or your loved ones?”  Dr. Downey is happy and honored to be selected again. His goal is to offer unique, personalized plastic surgical care, and to collaborate with his patients and their doctors and families to deliver a coordinated, quality surgical experience.

Is a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Implant with Lift to Risky to Do in One Procedure?

Combining breast augmentation and tummy tuck


Combining two moderate operations is a matter of scale, proportion, and complexity. We always weigh efficiency of the time savings of combining operations versus the increased risk and stress and possibly tougher recovery.

If it patient’s ambitions for augmentation are modest and she is very suitable for an abdominoplasty, i.e., good muscle tone and largely lax skin without a great deal of fat, then the operations being combined is generally a pretty good fit.

Naturally making these pronouncements at a distance without seeing a patient must be followed by an in-person evaluation. Best of luck!


Dan Downey MD FACS

Downey Plastic Surgery

Can I Get Breast Implants at 16-18?



I think that augmentation at too young an age can be unsatisfying over the long term. First, the chest wall and breast tissues can still be growing and maturing. The expectation of a large-ish implant under immature tissues can actually cause atrophy and thinning of the overlying tissues, leading to faster fatigue of the tissues and loss of elasticity. Second, psychologically the young patient hasn’t lived in her skin for very long in an adult state, so expectations about surgical results are derived from outside rather than inside cues. And young people generally are more suggestible and vulnerable to peer pressure.

I would focus on fitness and good self esteem until her early to mid 20’s before considering this hopefully satisfying operation.


Dan Downey MD FACS

Downey Plastic Surgery