Downey Plastic Surgery 

2021 Spring / Summer
Special Prices!

Latisse 3 ml pack $125

Latisse 5 ml pack $199

Botox $12 per unit !

Botox & filler appts can be made with short prior notice.

Don’t wait. Call 425-778-8116 today, and mention the special when scheduling.

This offer good until 9/1/2021

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Downey Plastic Surgery Spring / Summer 2021!

Dr Downey and the staff hope the mild spring weather offered you some fun with friends and family “in these times.”  The vibrant blossoms and (finally) warm weather are so welcome!

We have some great specials for Botox and Latisse!

Check out our prices for injectables and for longer lashes:

Latisse for longer lashes. Latisse 3 ml pack $125, and Latisse 5 ml pack $199

Botox for smoothing lines in facial skin. Botox $12 per unit!

We can see you on short advance notice. We welcome new patients.

Don’t wait. Call 425-778-8116 today.

This offer good until 9/1/2021