Downey Plastic Surgery 

Medical Records Request


Downey Plastic Surgery patients 4/2006-5/2019


Proliance Surgeons patients 5/2019-9/2021


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Downey Plastic Surgery Medical Record Requests

Dear past patients, thank you for giving me the privilege of being your doctor!

Sometimes we need a copy of our archived medical record. If you were treated by me while I worked at Proliance Surgical Specialists of Edmonds (5/1/2019 – 8/31/2021), then these recent medical records can be obtained free of charge by calling 425-778-8116.

If you were my patient at Downey Plastic Surgery (4/1/06 – 4/30/2019), medical record requests can be made and the results will be released from a HIPAA-safe repository for you to download. This is the email address to send your requests: The more specific and smaller the request, the better. I intend to make reasonable requests free to you. Below see the State of Washington guidelines for medical record copying:


Search Fee: $26.00
Pages 1 – 30: $1.17 per page
Pages 31+: $0.88 per page

WAC 246-08-400

In fairness I will waive the search fee for all patients. Copying and delivery of pages 1-10 will be free. Pages 11-30 cost $1.25 a page, and pages 31 and more will cost $1.00 a page. Payment is accepted as Apple Pay, Square, Venmo, or PayPal.

Here’s how a request will flow:
You will email me. Keep it general; I can’t confirm/deny anything until you are authenticated.
I will reply with screening questions confirming your identity.
You will reply with a request for the specific date of treatment the documents pertain to.
After I confirm I have the information and page count, I will let you know any applicable charges.
Once applicable fees have been processed, you will receive a secure link to download the requested records encoded as PDFs.
The estimated benchmark to process a request is a week for records fewer than ten pages.