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Deciding whether to have an operation is stressful enough without having to worry about its financial impact on you and your family. Our aim is to make covering the financial aspects of your surgical care as clear and as stress-free as possible, so you can direct your focus to helping plan your operation, and successfully recovering. For cosmetic procedures, Dr. Downey believes that preparation for surgery should include thoughtful financial planning also. The pressure of significant debt can take away from the satisfying journey you have decided to take.

Due to the variations that are possible in determining a treatment plan, we discuss fees for self-funded cosmetic procedures at the time of the initial consultation. The charges for a cosmetic surgery procedure are: the surgeon’s charge, the anesthesiologist’s charge, the facility charge, and other associated expenses, like implants, labs, postoperative garments, and medications.

If you are having an operation for which we are seeking insurance coverage, we will communicate on your behalf with your insurance carrier to get preauthorization. As coverage of requested procedures by your insurance company varies widely, we schedule the procedure you are seeking after insurance preauthorization has been granted. Calculations of estimated out-of-pocket expense that you are responsible for is also requested from your insurance company.

If you have questions following your initial meeting with Downey Plastic Surgery, our staff are always happy to provide additional information about our fees.