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Preparing for Surgery

Once you decide to proceed with surgery, you will schedule a date for your operation as well as a pre-operative meeting. During this pre-op meeting, which typically takes place a week or two before the date of surgery, Dr. Downey will again review the specific procedure you have selected, and explain recovery expectations and follow-up care. Any instructions specific to the surgery that you are undergoing will be shared. A physical exam will be performed, and occasionally other tests will be done. You will review and sign a Consent form, which is intended to signify that you and your plastic surgeon at Downey Plastic Surgery have talked to your satisfaction about your operation, your alternative choices (including not having surgery), the goals of your treatment, the risks and potential for complications, and that no guarantee has been made related to the results of your operation.

If you are under the care of other doctors, collaboration with them is important to assess your health and to review any medications you regularly take, particularly those with blood-thinning effect or which affect blood pressure or heart function. If you have diabetes, specific instructions will be given to you about managing your blood sugar around the time of surgery. Sometimes it is valuable for you to meet with an anesthesiologist before surgery.

Plastic surgery procedures are normally safe and have a low risk of major complications when patients are in good health. The risk of complications from surgery is increased with conditions or lifestyles such as smoking, obesity, age, or having other significant medical problems.

Your Preoperative Appointment

During your pre-op appointment, we will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery including:

  • Where the surgery will take place
  • Coronavirus screening preoperatively
  • Guidelines on eating and drinking and smoking prior to and following surgery
  • Taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications for a period of time before or following your surgery
  • Prescriptions for pain medications
  • How to obtain proper bandage materials before surgery

Your Role in Preparation

Dr. Downey and his staff at Downey Plastic Surgery prepare you for your surgery in a number of ways. As partners in the treatment process, we expect patients to do some preparation as well. We ask that you take care of a few things that will make your recovery easier, including:

  • Make your follow up appointment with us at your pre-op visit
  • Fill the prescription for post-op pain medication that we give you before surgery
  • Provide information for preoperative Coronavirus screening test
  • Obtain necessary bandages prior to surgery
  • Decide what you want to tell people about your operation
  • Follow any instructions we provide on eating, drinking, smoking and medications and vitamins
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery and to help you out for a few days
  • Arrange for time off work after your operation
  • Maximize rest in the days leading up to surgery

If you anticipate these preparation items being a problem to accomplish, please discuss them with Dr. Downey and his staff.