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Your Experience

Having plastic surgery entails much more than a single day of treatment. It requires detailed planning by you and your plastic surgeon, performance of your plastic surgery treatment, and a thorough follow-up.

For each surgery Dr. Downey performs, his goals are to:

  • Fashion a collaborative plan for an effective surgery
  • Carry out a safe, comfortable operation
  • Satisfy patient objectives by addressing the desired improvements

An understanding of the entire treatment process will be explained during your preoperative visits at Downey Plastic surgery. Some medical conditions such as melanoma, bleeding, or serious infections absolutely require surgical treatment, and sometimes immediately – we call these conditions and procedures urgent.

Other features or conditions you may have are normal but may be bothering you in appearance or function. Because these conditions are not a threat to your health, we call these conditions and procedures elective. Examples of elective conditions are larger-than-desired breasts, or a little too much loose skin on the cheek or neck. Selecting an operation for an elective condition should always be accompanied by a good understanding of what your condition is, what the treatment options are, and what the results and consequences of treatment may be.

A successful treatment experience also requires trust and positive chemistry between doctor and patient. Dr. Downey treats each patient as an equal, expecting the individual to be an active participant in his or her care from the first meeting through the entire course of treatment. Your job is to become well educated about your condition and its treatment. We encourage you to ask questions if some part of our teaching is not clear to you. We want you choose surgery only after careful consideration of many factors, including your relationship with your plastic surgeon and his staff.  Learn more about Dr. Downey and his patient care philosophy